A licensed demolition company can provide you with expert services to meet all of your demolition needs. Taking advantage of the demolition services a company will provide you with the experience you need in getting the job done correctly, the first time. Don’t waste your time by choosing a lesser option. Making attempts at moving forward on your own or with an unqualified contractor can result in serious problems. As a result, you put your project at risk of falling into the red. 

Jobs of All Sizes

Demolition may not appear to be as straightforward as you have been led to believe. Demolition projects come in all shapes and sizes. Each job, uniquely different from the last makes demolition a complicated process. Choosing a company without the right level of experience can result in a number of complexities. A licensed demolition company in Los Angeles, CA  will work closely with you by carefully assessing your demolition project and dismantling your building safely and efficiently. We have the experience and capability of taking on jobs of all shapes and sizes. 

Types of Demolition 

Demolition requires careful assessment, in order to efficiently get the job done. No demolition is the same. Depending upon your specific project, there are a number of ways to go about the demolition of a property: 

  • Crane/Wrecking Ball: This is a more archaic form of demolition, one that has largely been replaced by newer, more efficient methods of demolition.
  • Interior Demolition: This involves taking apart interior parts of a building while leaving the exterior intact. 
  • Dismantling: Works to take apart a property to preserve certain aspects of the process. This can include specific materials from the property for reuse.
  • Implosion: Through the use of explosives, implosion is often used for larger buildings. The process entails using explosives to cause the building to fall within its specified area. 
  • Complete Demolition: This involves the demolition of an entire structure. Depending upon the specifics, a number of strategies may be utilized to complete the demolition job. 
  • Mechanical Demolition: This is the most popular form of demolition used today. Through the use of machinery such as excavators, bulldozers and cranes, the building is dismantled. 

Thanks to Nielsen Environmental for their insight into the demolition process.